9 Best Things to Do in Idaho with Kids (Updated 2024)

Planning a vacation in Idaho with kids? There are ample choices, but children need something new and interesting every time. Visiting the same park every time is not something they will tolerate for a long time. If you are out there looking for Idaho family vacation ideas that are fun and exciting for yourself as well as your kids, then this post will certainly help you out. We have covered different places in Idaho, including the best family resorts, national monuments, parks, lakes, and much more. Each place has its own uniqueness and is worth visiting at least once. Plan an Idaho family vacation at one of these nine best places to explore in Idaho with or even without kids. 

1. Lava Hot Springs 

Lava Hot Springs

Who doesn’t like hot springs? It is a great way to just allow yourself to relax and shed off all your pain, sorrow, and worries. Well, resting in nice warm water might not be the ideal family trip for your children. 

Lava Hot Springs is hence the best place to enjoy hot springs. It has a lot of fun activities to do apart from the hot spring, making it a perfect place for a fun weekend trip for the whole family. You can explore the Sunken gardens and water rides or test your skills at disc golf, diving platforms, and their annual events. If you have some time after having fun in the water, you can walk around on the hiking trails and enjoy the beautiful view spread across the city. 

Your kids will love all the adventure here; however, I would recommend you let them experience the bliss of a hot spring. Choose a pool with a bit cooler temperature, their skin may not be able to tolerate higher temperatures.

2. Craters Of The Moon National Monument

Craters Of The Moon National Monument

Ever been to the moon? Of course not unless you are an astronaut. But there is a place on earth that lets you experience what it’s like to be on the moon’s surface. Craters of the moon is a more like a replica of the moon’s surface, but it was made naturally. 

The whole Great Rift volcanic region is represented by the monument. This earth fracture, which is over 50 miles in length, has produced a variety of volcanic structures, including lava tubes and lava flows, and craters. 

Visit the Craters of the moon with your kids, they will certainly be fascinated by the lava tubes and craters. You can hike the path, explore the caves, and if you want, you can even set up a camp here. 

Since it is the deepest volcanic rift on earth, one might think there are no plants and animals here. Contrary to your belief, there are ample species of flora and fauna for you to discover. 

3. Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

Although Idaho only has two national parks, they are more than enough to provide you with an amazing experience every day of the year.  Yellowstone National Park is one of the two national parks of Idaho, and it’s open all year round, and every season offers something fresh to explore. 

There are many fun things you can attempt, including hiking on a well-maintained path, biking around the park, wildlife watching, photography, horseback riding, and many others. 

Your kids can also participate in the Junior Ranger Program. Children aged four and older can participate in the ranger program to get up-close and personal with the animals and plants in the national park, discover new things, and learn how to protect and care for the local wildlife and plant life. It would be a great learning experience as well as a fun trip. 

Just outside Yellowstone National Park, there is a place called Yellowstone Bear World, and it is the best place in the world for animal lovers. They let you get really close to bears, so close that you might even feed the bear.

4. Zoo Boise

Zoo Boise

A fun trip with kids is impossible without a zoo. Zoo Boise is a huge zoo that is open year round. Families can watch the wildlife up close. The zoo offers opportunities to see a Giant Anteater, Red Pandas, Magellanic Penguins, Snow Leopards, Giraffe, and much more. You can even see their Butterflies in Bloom collection if you visit at the right time. They also conduct a lot of events which you can be a part of. You can get more information on the event dates and timings on their website

5. Silverwood Theme park

Silverwood Theme park

If, like most of us, your life is mundane and uninteresting, a mere weekend of excitement at Silverwood Theme Park would be sufficient to spice things up considerably. The park is huge and has many fun and thrilling rides. A family vacation at this park is undoubtedly a must-have if you are in Idaho. 

There are rides that will make you skip a heartbeat, and there are also rides that are gentle and perfect for younger kids. Silverwood also has a wave pool called the Boulder Beach Bay. The pool is huge, well maintained, and clean. If your kids are a little older, you can bring them to the wave pool so that they can have fun with you. The entire park isn’t open throughout the year, so make sure to check if they are open before you plan to visit. 

6. Thousand Springs State Park

Thousand Springs State Park

Thousand Springs State Park is a huge area that is divided into many units, each with its own uniqueness. All units are merely a driving distance from each other. These are the units you will come across in this state park: 

  • Malad Gorge
  • Kelton Trail
  • Earl M. Hardy Box Canyon Springs Nature Preserve
  • Crystal Springs
  • Niagara Springs
  • Billingsley Creek
  • Ritter Island

You can try a horseback ride or hiking, biking, and even test your skills at fishing. Use a paddle boat and take a relaxing ride while taking in the scenery. Your children can participate in the ranger program and learn about the wonders of nature and how to preserve it.

7. Schweitzer Mountain Resort

Schweitzer Mountain Resort

In the warmer months, we all try to get our hands on ice-creams, cold drinks, and anything icy. This summer, make a visit to Schweitzer Mountain Resort. It is one of the best family vacation spots in Idaho during the winter because it houses the biggest ski resort in the state. Families that enjoy snow activities should visit Schweitzer Mountain Resort. After working out your body in the snow, you can unwind in the spa’s relaxing atmosphere, which offers a variety of beauty services and calming massages.

8. Lake Coeur d’Alene

Lake Coeur d’Alene

There is no way we can overlook the stunning lakes this state has to offer while discussing family vacation ideas in Idaho. The Coeur d’Alene Lake is one of our favorites. This gorgeous, 30-mile lake has just about every type of outdoor recreation activity in water that you can imagine and is nourished by water from three distinct rivers. It’s a lovely area to spend some quality time with your loved ones, including your spouse, children, and relatives. The location is a good blend of fun and adventure.

There are ample places around the lake as well that you can visit. There is a great dog park, great restaurants serving local and international food, and plenty of things to do around the lake area.

Bring your fishing rods to flaunt your skills in fishing. Your kids will love the experience here and would certainly want to visit again.

9. Roaring Springs Water Park

Roaring Springs Water Park

Kids love water parks, and they are just so much fun, even for adults, making them a perfect spot for a family vacation in Idaho. Roaring Springs Waterpark is the biggest waterpark in the northwest and offers a huge variety of slides and rides. They made three new slides, and one of them is a 6-floor slide. There is also a special area for kids if your kids are really young. When you’re done playing in the water, you can walk over to the nearby Wahooz Family Fun Zone and Pinz Bowling Center, thanks to a boardwalk that connects the two parks. The restaurant here serves excellent food, making it the best destination for a one-day trip with the family.

Places worth mentioning: 

Bruneau Dunes State Park: 

Go for a unique vacation to see the longest sand dunes in North America. An amazing thing to do for first time visitors in Idaho.

Sun Valley Ski Resort

Sun valley resort is one of the best family resorts with a lot of fun things to do and relaxation facilities. 

Idaho falls

With its historical treasures, children-friendly attractions, and natural wonders, Idaho falls is one of the best places for Idaho vacations with kids. 

Triple Play Family Fun Park

It is an award-winning family entertainment region that offers a plethora of games that you and your kids can enjoy together. 

Bottom line 

There is no shortage of stunning places to visit for fun Idaho family vacations. The places mentioned above promise a unique experience for you and your children. You’ll be making lifelong memories in these pretty places with your kids. You can plan your trip in advance to check if the place requires any prior bookings. Make sure to visit their respective websites to get more information and know the best time to visit. Also, make sure to check out Air Hostings to book a beautiful rental vacation home in Idaho. You can leave in the morning, visit the place you planned on and even munch on some fantastic cuisine for dinner. It would be the perfect weekend trip with your whole family.

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