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Vacation Rental Property Management

Vacation Rental & Property Management

Our first step in the management of rental property is to make an assessment of your unit. We position your property on our platform as well as on websites that do an online travel listing, so that we can understand your property’s revenue potential when it is marketed after being listed on these sites. We also use data of previous years to include costs and, thus, forecast estimated returns.

You can always lease your property, but your investment can make more money if it is on a platform that gives you short term rentals. We will work along with you to analyze your expenses at present, including your mortgage, insurance, and utilities, and offset them against your likely income. 

Our evaluation of your property will consider its type, its unique characteristics, its location, and layout, and how you can enhance this or which factor is hindering its listing. All these factors play their part in influencing the nightly rate that your property can bring in.  

We can advise you on how your property should be furnished and styled, so that it appeals to a broad range of guests, which in turn will increase its occupancy. Greater returns can only come from higher occupancy.


Superior Management

There will never be any need for you to take a late night call from a guest, as our Customer Experience Team will do this for you. 

We offer support to your guests round the clock, whether it is a need for more pillows, for checking on the possibility of reservations, or if they  just need someone else on staff.

Premium Cleaning

Every aspect of dirty work is handled by our trained professionals, so that every surface is clean and the air is fresh. We have a fixed routine for disinfecting and cleaning. Not a single inch is missed during these turnovers, as it is well known that the hospitality industry depends on cleanliness for its success.

Dedicated Local Team

Our local managers of vacation properties have matters well in hand with a schedule of regular maintenance and inspection. You can rest assured that your present vacation home or those that you will acquire in future will be looked after by staff that are experienced, and who will keep things running smoothly through the constant monitoring of any potential issues.


Effective Marketing

Every property must have the right guests, and we can help you find the perfect match. Our advertising and marketing plan is specifically tailored for your location. This means your property  receives the maximum exposure to potential travelers. 

Your vacation rentals will be successful when it’s paired with the right guest!

With NW Hosting, your property is listed on several internationally known websites, including Airbnb, VRBO and many more, while also taking a position on the region’s most popular vacation property reservation websites for more exposure than you dreamed possible.

Whether it’s marketing your property, booking reservations, cleaning between guests, or keeping guests happy without bothering you, count on us for end-to-end vacation property rental, marketing, and management services.

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