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Sierra Silver Mine Tour

Sierra Silver Mine

Route of Hiawatha Bike Trail

Hiawatha Bike Trail

Silver Streak Zipline Tours

Silver Streak Zipline

The Northern Pacific Railroad Depot

The Railroad Depot

Wallace is built where multiple streams and canyons meet, which is important considering it was founded during the gold rush times. The area’s natural beauty struck some early observers so much that they didn’t report promising geological signs of gold for fear the stampede into the area would destroy that beauty.

Eventually, the stampede did come, and generally the first settler credited is Colonel William R. Wallace in 1884 called his cabin “Placer Center.” The rush for gold, and the quick acknowledgment that there was far more value in silver, and despite some early trip-ups, Wallace was born. 

Less than three years after the first cabin a school, brewery, multiple saloons, a hotel, saloons, shops, and a railway were building their way into town. Wallace was there to stay.

Things to Do

You might think there wouldn’t be much to do in a town of less than a thousand people, but you would be wrong. Wallace embraces its history and the natural beauty of the state around it. Historic Wallace offers excellent walking areas that go past historic buildings as well as new local businesses.

Plenty of Great Museums

The Wallace District Mining Museum is a great stop that does a great job bringing the region’s history to life for curious visitors. This is one of the most popular stops in the area and worth the visit.

The Northern Pacific Railroad Depot

Museum is another great regional museum that is interesting even for individuals who don’t necessarily consider themselves big train fans. The building itself is just absolutely beautiful.

The Oasis Bordello

While not for kids, the Oasis Bordello Museum takes a look at the history of this part of the town with guided tours through a building that has been there through most of Wallace’s history.

When it comes to gorgeous Idaho, the summers are known for being all about the blue skies and warm weather. The winters are cold with days of sustained cloudiness. For those who love their winter sports, it’s never a bad idea to head over to Idaho. The temperature in the region tends to average between 24°F to 86°F with rare drops down to 9°F. When it comes to the best time to visit this region, it is recommended to come in the heart of the summer (early July – Middle of August)

An Outdoor Lover’s Dream

Fans of the great outdoors already know what northern Idaho has to offer, and Wallace is blessed with many outstanding options.

Sierra Silver Mine Tour

The Sierra Silver Mine Tour lets you see up close what the mining world was all about, and if you’ve never been deep in a mine, it’s a really new and interesting experience.

The Pulaski Tunnel Trail 

The Pulaski Tunnel Trail which is a stunningly beautiful trail with views of the forests, mountains, waterfalls, and more. This is a truly great outdoor experience wrapped into a really incredible two miles.

Route of Hiawatha Bike Trail

Maintained bike trails that go through the mountain, there is plenty of parking at the trail mouth as well as bus service. Roughly three hours at an average pace, four at a casual, it’s an incredible way to see a lot of north Idaho wild right around the Wallace area.

Silver Streak Zipline Tours

What better way to view the area than through the trees via zip line? This is a remarkably popular option that lets you see the best of the area surrounding Wallace from a birds’ eye view.

The Blackboard Cafe

The Blackboard Cafe is the local stop for good Italian food. See why the locals enjoy the Blackboard Cafe so much! Enjoy the excellent decor while eating some of the best Italian food in town. 

The Fainting Goat Wine Bar & Restaurant

If you’re looking for a touch of fancy, the Fainting Goat Wine Bar & Restaurant is for you. They have a very impressive wine list with a light menu of top-notch pasta, appetizers, and small plate sandwiches that just hit the perfect spot.

Red Light Garage

The Red Light Garage is an incredible mixture of things to see and do. This is a great restaurant known for having some of the best food in town and being an antique store and the office for the Hercules Inn. Check out the famous two tacos for $4 deal as well as the unique Huckleberry Shake.

City Limits Pub & Grill

A local favorite, this appropriately named pub and grill on the edge of town doesn’t just do great burgers and fries (though they make those, too) but they have steaks, sandwiches, full entrees, and a wide array of salads, appetizers, and desserts to meet all tastes. Toss in some great beer, including locally brewed favorites and a friendly environment, and it’s easy to see why they’re a local favorite.

Albi’s Gem Bar & Restaurant 

Albi’s is a steakhouse with an excellent bar to boot. If you’re looking for a nice little sit-down steak restaurant, then Albi’s is an outstanding option that is known to deliver.

You’ll be traveling on Interstate 90 to get there. There are no direct flights or bus routes, and even taking a scenic indirect route there will eventually lead to the road connecting to Interstate 90 to get to Wallace. Coeur d’Alene is the largest small city of note in the area, just north of I-90 from Kellogg and Wallace. It’s literally a one-road town, but a truly delightful one at that.

Wallace Idaho

Beautiful Wallace Idaho

Located high up in northeast Idaho, Wallace is a small town with a welcoming feel in the heart of wild Rocky Mountains country.

Sporting a small population of less than a thousand, this is a town that is nonetheless the heart of a lot of activity in the county and a welcoming place with a surprising amount to offer visitors.

Wallace is the main town in the heart of the isolated Coeur d’Alene silver-mining district and is central to those who still work the silver mines. Visitors who love the natural wilderness and the many well-preserved silver mining ghost towns in the area.



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